Greek style sandals or gladiator sandals are very popular this summer. Shoes and sandals with lots of straps, ribbons and rivets are also very stylish and trendy. Sandals in Greek style are usually made of dark or brown skin, but bright colors still do not go out of fashion, so sandals of pink, yellow and blue colors are also trendy this summer.

sandals, greek sandals 
sandals, Greek style sandals

Sandals in Greek style with knee straps should have a flexible and flat sole, but the heel is still allowed. Regardless of whether they were made in neutral colors or bright shades, of leather or other materials, all of them are excellent accessories that can complement any chic and fresh outfit.

sandals, women's sandals 
sandals, women's sandals

Greek sandals, and sandals made of ribbons and decorated with fringe and sequins, because of their convenience should be in clothes collection of any fashionable person regardless of her age. Equally popular are complex patterns and simple forms of sandals. You can create your own special Mediterranean style with a dress with one shoulder strap, or a maxi-dress combined with luxurious sandals in the Greek style.

Sneakers-sandals: fashionable men's shoes for summer.

Men's sandals trends continue to go beyond the traditional fashion. After the shoes with spikes among the trends of the season there are sandals that look like a hybrid of gladiators and army boots or sneakers.

sandals, sneakers-sandalsb 
sandals, sneakers-sandals

At first such sandals were seen on the show of Juun J. Kris van Assche also introduced similar models: a futuristic, weird, structural, and, oddly enough, very nice. Givenchy produced a series of hybrid sandals for every taste and color: from black to gold, from the simple gladiators to the hybrid sneakers-sandals and shoes.

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