Moccasins are unisex shoes. We can often meet both men and women who prefer to wear moccasins. moccasins are practical, stylish and comfortable shoes. Many designer brands always present moccasins in their new collections of men's and women's shoes. moccasins are beautiful in themselves and as a replacement for sandals and slippers in warm season when you need to look more formal.

moccasins,  gucci moccasins 
moccasins, gucci moccasins

Most of the suede moccasins are made specifically for recreation. Basically they are made in brown, caramel or blue colors. They look especially great with a sports jacket, blazer and linen trousers. However, moccasins match the same clothes as leather shoes, but you should not wear them in formal occasions.

moccasins, mens moccasins 

Classic models of moccasins are made of leather, but there are also suede ones, for which dark colors are typical. Americans more than others like to wear strict suede moccasins with the official costume.

Youth chooses half-sporty type of moccasins. Such moccasins are in different colors and most diverse.

moccasins,  womens moccasins 
moccasins, women's moccasins

The main feature of moccasins is the skin on the soles with characteristic rubber pads, that run up on the backdrop, as well as decals and labels on the tongue. Sports moccasins are made with zippers and laces, however, it is already a small deviation from the classic form of moccasins.

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