Grey boots

The professional designers can give some recommendations about selecting the proper boots for your constitution.

  • If you have thin legs. We recommend to choose anything with flexibleness - strings, buckles, rubbery fibers - so that boots will have the ability to take the form of the legs. Keep out of slouchy cuts. You can try wearing them with contrasting pantyhose and a patterned skirt to add more dimension.
  • If you have wide feet. The experts recommend to buy round or almond-shaped in place of pointed toes that offer many room and thin heels for a touch of effeminacy. Try to keep out of widening elements, including clasps or straps, near the ankle joint. Our best advice is wearing them with trousers which barely touch the toe box to black out the width of your foot.
  • If you have fleshy legs. It is good to opt for springy fabric or leather, buckles, ties, stretchy insertions for extra give. Beware of pull-on forms that are hard to get into, boots which end at the most wide part of the calf muscle. You can try wearing them with leggings or tights in a congruent coloring to compose a long, exquisite line.
  • If you have not long legs. It would be better for you to look for wedges or heels to lengthen the legs visually. Watch out for square toes, slouchy cuts, straps which add width. It is recommended wearing them with skinny pants or a pencil skirt to pursue the sleek, lengthening impression.

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Have in view, when is the proper time to begin wearing and discontinue wearing all types of boots? It's simple, if it's not cold outside, you should not wear them.

You may use online search in Yahoo or Google or Bing to find grey boots and anything else you need. Read more about boots on this page.

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